Projects | Relais Sant’Emiliano Hotel and Il Rivale Restaurant

Relais Sant’Emiliano Hotel and Il Rivale Restaurant

The remit promised something superior, something spectacular which was becoming greater and greater till it reached superlatives to express the idea of something extraordinary.
That was my vision when I saw this hotel complex for the first time.
We're on Lake Garda and the property extends for roughly 20,000 m2 along the lakeside.
Absolutely spectacular. The senses are heightened. A building surrounded by peppervine shrubs with a sacred chapel at its side explains the reason for my presence, the client expresses the aims of the renovation. The project transforms the residence, nine rooms are planned immediately and a sunken swimming pool with spa and wellbeing facilities and a restaurant on the ground floor.
We carried out the renovation by staying faithful to original features as much as possible, keeping the original cement flooring and saving the peppervine, which still covers part of the building and is obviously grateful.

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